What is an e-cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is a rechargeable battery powered personal vaporizer (PV) or inhaler, often in the form of a cigarette, and can contain either flavored nicotine liquid or Cartridges with no nicotine.

E-cigarettes are a modern way to obtain nicotine or without nicotine and replace smoking – an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, desirable since they are likely to be several orders of magnitude less harmful & Less Expensive.

How do e-cigarettes work ?

All e cigarettes have a rechargeable battery or batteries, an atomizer coil which is heated by the battery, and a cartridge, and when air is pulled through, the heating element vaporizes the liquid and produces a mist. You draw or pull air through it just like a tobacco cigarette.

Benefits of Smoking E-Cigarettes or E smokes:

1. One Cartridge is equivalent to 20 cigarettes (Meaning Big Savings For You!)
2. No Tobacco, No Tar , No Nicotine
3. No Carcinogenic Substances
4. With Electronic Cigarettes Inhale Odourless smoke.
5. Reduces your Smoking Habit.
6. As Simple As Recharging
7. Different Flavors Are Available( Mint,Watermelon, Tobacco,Cherry, Peach, and many more)
8. Save Hundreds of Dollars Over Cigarettes
9. Being Able To Smoke In Smoking Prohibited Places